The Fun of SEO

seo fun

For all its complexities and fairly complicated details, being an SEO is one of the most exhilarating aspects for a business because you get to spend all of your time managing a company’s site in a wide variety of fashions. Yes, whipping a big batch of algorithms is no walk in the park, and finding time to constantly keep up with measuring site metrics can be a little tedious if you’re just starting out, but once you master the technique of designing this methodology of strategies and tactics, you’ll soon find out that the payoff is well worth it.

Plus, who doesn’t want to get paid by being on Social Media every day? And the SEO community is like a brotherhood; they look out for one another and help each other. This kind of assistance and friendliness is what’s needed if you’re a young pup starting out in the intricate field of SEO; don’t be afraid to ask questions, because chances are, there’s going to be somebody there willing to take you under their wing. Another fun fact is that you don’t have to have a master’s degree to be able to operate an SEO; no formal training required. It doesn’t make a bit of a difference if you have a Master’s, a Bachelor’s, or a High School diploma.

If you have what it takes to be in this kind of business and to be able to dedicate countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears, then SEO is the job for you. It’s also a pretty competitive field of interest too. I mean, do you really want to see all of your hard work and results presented on the second page of the search results? Being in this game means that you have to possess a predilection for creativity and wanting to be in top tier of search results. The world of SEO is also quite unpredictable too; you never know what that day of hard work will get you. Every SEO wants to be in that top 5 search result bracket, because let’s face it, the top 5 gets 75% of user clicks, and what business doesn’t want that kind of momentum?


And take into consideration that 75% of SEO is off-page while 25% is on-page; off-page means someone else’s site, and on-page means your site. Links and relevant content make up this statistic, so it’s important to keep it fresh so your keywords can end up being highly ranked. Another thing is to not worry so much about it being difficult to achieve; You don’t want to think of an SEO as some scary, unattainable entity. Try to look at it as caring for a newborn kitten. A kitten needs a lot of attention, love, and care for it to grow up and become strong, vital, and healthy.

Your SEO is the same. And think of the algorithms as vitamins and nutrients. You’re feeding it these vitamins it needs to flourish into a beautiful and vibrant search engine. Your SEO is a reflection of your business, so it’s important to keep that mindset when building it. You don’t want an SEO that looks unfinished, lazy, or unprofessional, because that’s just how others are going to view your business. You want your credentials to look sharp and meaningful, so it can be a viable representation of your company. For your SEO to be the best, you have to have a little patience and understanding of the concept, but once you manage to harness that power, the rest comes naturally.