Website Analysis

Continuing on with Google Analytics, the next step is the identification of slow loading pages; these little buggers can be a handful if your SEO is proficient in every other category. In order for your website to remain in top form, speed is imperative to just that: You need a search engine that load up as quickly and as effective as possible, and that’s a major factor in search ranking. You wouldn’t want to be in the middle of searching for information on a school assignment when the page all of a sudden crashes due to slow loading, and if you’re a business putting all of this blood, sweat, tears, and money into sustaining a healthy SEO, then you know that people want lightning fast results when they web search.

google analytics

So here’s how you can pinpoint how slow your page is loading and measure its conversion rates. To measure your pages loading time, go to “Behavior > Site Speed > Page Timings” and here you can compare the average load time to the average exit percentage. You can contact the site developers so they can readjust the page load time, and from there, you can use the percentages of your past load time and average exit percentage and compare it your current load time. Finally, we have the SEO Dashboard.

A Dashboard consists of widgets that keep you up to date on your individual reports. You can customize your dashboard with many kinds of widgets. These widgets pertain to things like your Organic Traffic, charts that keep track of your data, pie charts and bar graphs pertaining to your search engine, reports that let you know where your Organic Traffic is coming from by city, keywords that visitors use to find your website, internal search keywords, referral traffic analysis, and pagespeed reports.

To access this, simply go to “Dashboards > +New Dashboard,” and then click on “+ Add Widget” and give it the appropriate title. Using these helpful tools can keep your business on the right track to professionalism and a path to improvement; an SEO that resonates with your clients far beyond the standard traffic and revenue standpoint can dress your business’ website up something highly prestigious.