Assembling a Brand

brandingNow that you have the blueprint for your SEO all mapped out, what’s next? Well, building an online brand for your business is what’s key. To pull in client after client and to make sure your company is one step ahead of the game, you’ll need to market yourself that will appeal to a bigger audience. Branding your website through social media is the more engaging option, because social media is where everybody’s at these days. And of course there are other methods to building the right positive reception for your website. The first one is Blogging. Blogs are a great way to gather an audience who will take the time to read your content.

Guest Blogging is another one. To keep your general audience and Google search at a higher conglomerate, consider doing guest blogs for other top blog sites as well as interviews and blogger profiles. Putting another source of content like this on your resume is beneficial to a better brand for your business. Then there’s good ole Twitter. This is probably the best way to get those clients knocking on your door, and to accomplish this, you have to churn out those interesting and informative tweets that will get people talking about your business. If you have potential clients looking to learn a lot more about your company, then a Twitter profile containing all of the necessary knowledge searchers look for is going to be your best option.

Social media sites like Twitter are also great for interacting with people; get in on the conversation by listening to others and improving your online profile. And now that we’re on the subject of social media, business networking sites like Linkedin and Plaxo are great for showcasing a professional profile containing your career history to other users; this is great for getting more people to contact you. And for the more standardized forms of social media marketing, creating profile pages on sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Digg, and StumbleUpon keeps you in the limelight of more search engines. And finally there’s Youtube.

social mediaThe one online video site where you can post your conference and seminar speaking events for others to see; another potent way for potential clients to find out more info about you which in turn only expands your reputation more. People don’t just want to read an article about your business and what they’re all about, they also want to hear what you’re all about; they want to know what you’re personality is like and what you bring to the table. Videos are more communicative and can make you look relatable as an orator.